The Edge - International school for Leadership and Spirituality

 The Edge, International School for Leadership and Spirituality
Voor niets gaat de zon op

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What is the Edge?

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The Edge is an international school for leadership and spirituality -established in the
Netherlands - in which teachers and students from all over the world work together. The working language in most programs is English, in some it is Dutch. 

The Edge is also a mystery school in the tradition of the ancient mystery schools, where you can pass through five different initiation levels. It is said that you only find the mystery school (or the school finds you) when the time is ready. Maybe the fact that you found this site is an indication that your time is NOW. Read further.

The Edge has two core programs. One is an intensive postgraduate training course for future leaders (aged between 22 and 33) based on personal growth and open mindedness. This program is presently only offered to companies. Read further.

The other is the Heart Sutra Club, meeting a day a month. The mission of this club is to provide a safe and challenging place for spiritual growth, resulting in ‘spirit-in-action’, and thus to contribute to making a difference in a world in stress. The working language of this club is Dutch.

Both programs are only accessible after an assessment procedure.

Every now and then The Edge organizes an introductory course tasting the Edge for those who are considering to participate in one of these two programs. This course is also worthwhile in itself however. For this course no assessment is necessary.

That is also true for the open programs of the Edge as there are the Transformation Game (in different versions) and the Quantum Leap. Other activities, like workshops, a summer school , special events or conferences are organized irregularly. See: scheduled activities

Erik van Praag wrote a new book: Voor niets gaat de zon op - Blauwdruk voor een waardige wereld (language Dutch). For information and ordering: